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A good time was had by all,
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01:47 pm :: Sunday, April. 13th, 2008 - Mod Post: New Affiliate
Amelia Hunting
For all of you Kimiko/Raimundo fans, virande presents to you:


It is a growing community and new members are welcome.
06:52 pm :: Saturday, February. 9th, 2008 - yeah posted something
chase, omi
Title: Unexpected
rating: PG-13 (I think)
Word Count: 350
Pairing: ChasexOmi

insert witty banter hereCollapse )
02:12 pm :: Thursday, January. 10th, 2008 - Desperation
Ok...I'm at the end of my rope. For the longest time I've had this major Omi/Chase plot boiling in my head. My usual roleplay sites have yielded few people who ever even watched Xiaolin. let alone roleplay it.  The plot is in the cut below

08:00 am :: Monday, December. 17th, 2007 - feels like I'm posting too much
chase, omi
I’m working on other stories (two of them are ChasexOmi don’t worry) but these drabbles just appeared in my brain and I think they’re decent enough. All PG. I hope you enjoy!

drabbles aheadCollapse )
02:11 am :: Friday, December. 7th, 2007 - fun stuff for motivation
Happy Russia
Because I still haven't gotten off my lazy butt and finish my stories. So I decided to show you some cool stuff.


not only really cute in their own way it also shows we are so canon. Just met him and already almost taking off his pants tsk tsk Chase have a little patience.

THE cat scene. 22 seconds of heaven!
09:13 pm :: Wednesday, November. 14th, 2007 - HI
Happy Russia
I don't know if introductions are a norm here but I'd like to say hi. I'm hoping to write some soon once my time clears up so expect it!
02:05 pm :: Saturday, August. 25th, 2007(no subject)
;______; It's so sad. No one has posted here in forever. Everyone needs to come back. ;______; Please?

Anyway. I updated one of my fanfictions around 2 weeks ago and I though posting it here might bring back some life. I hope?

Title: Dark Waters

Rating: PG-13 (Raing will go way up later.)

Author: Nasyki Ikysan

Warnings: AU! NOTHING IN THE SERIES EVER HAPPENED. Though the story will develop with many similar concepts, as most what happened in the past is the same. Yaoi... lemon... lime... I'm debating on spurts of domestic violence... offensive dialog... all those, among other things! Sad, sad, sad ending as well. Well, 'sad' as defined in my dictionary.

Disclaimer: I do not own, nor do I profit. No suing.

Summary: AU! Yaoi: MAIN Chase/Omi. Shonen ai: Minor one-sided Rai/Omi, and some explicit hints of Chase/Jack. The world has been living in darkness, as the almighty ruler is none other than Chase Young. A world run by an evil prince, as you can expect, is none to beautiful a place. All embraces darkness as the concepts of evil, and cruelty are embedded into the foundation of this society. There is truly not a place where the Heylin ways do not lurk. Yet the world thrown into a place such as this still has hope...a small temple hidden form all these evils mask their light in the form of shadows, training...and gaining strength. Strength for a new tomorrow, a tomorrow of light over the land befouled in dark. What will happen when they finally release their resistance? Can they overcome the evil that shadows the world...or be lost in darkness' embrace?

Prologue )
( Chapter 2 Part V )

I have to do fake LJ cuts because this would seriouslly take too many posts.
04:27 pm :: Thursday, January. 4th, 2007 - The Petite Reveal Post!
Amelia Hunting
Those of you who guessed in the author's identity polls guessed well. And one of you shouldn't have given themselves away. *prods*

Anyway, here are you wonderful authors who participated in the Winter Challenge

For: tamerterra - During A Quick Run by muniyeka [G]

For: muniyeka - Take Pleasure in the Status Quo by tamerterra [PG]

If the aforementioned authors want their community entries to link to your personal LJ postings of your fics, leave a comment below with a link to your entry.
01:01 pm :: Wednesday, January. 3rd, 2007 - Let the guessing begin!
Amelia Hunting
All righty! That's it for 2006's Winter Challenge. I am hoping that more of us will be able to participate in 2007's upcoming challenge. And that I will have more time to devote to it. I worked just about every day in December. I mean, who would have seen that coming?

Anyway, here are the author's guesses polls. I'll give everyone a day to figure it out. Oh, and the folks as options in the polls, please do not tell anyone either way whether you wrote a fic or not. It'll ruin the fun. = D


Poll #899794 Author Guesses

Who do you think wrote "During A Quick Run"?


Who do you think wrote "Take Pleasure in the Status Quo"?

12:55 pm :: Wednesday, January. 3rd, 2007 - Take Pleasure in the Status Quo (PG) - For: muniyeka
Amelia Hunting
Title: Take Pleasure in the Status Quo
Author: ???
Giftee: muniyeka
Rating: PG for the suggestion of a word.
Word Count: 1212
Author's Notes: I hope this is what's required - I was going for a sort of bittersweet fluff-kinda-thing, but I don't know if I succeeded. Timeline-wise, it could be AU, but it might not be. In either case, it's a day or so after Omi is turned into a cat and Chase begins taking over the world Revelation-style. Warning wise, there's just the obvious (ha) and I think about two lines referring to a previous Chase/OFC thing. Enjoy! (please)

(Omi-cat writhed on the warm carpet...)Collapse )
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