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Welcome to chase_omi. Here, you are encouraged to indulge all of your Omi/Chase artwork, storylines, and musings - sexual or not. Although, both are welcome.

The community is open to everyone, but I do ask that you have a look at the guidelines before joining or posting.

Community Guidelines:

    1. You do have to be a member to post. Yes, I know, original idea.

    2. Place all spoilers behind a cut, and post a warning somewhere outside of the cut.

    3. Label all stories, artwork, and mature discussions with the appropriate ratings and warnings. Everything posted here can be seen by anyone passing by, including minors.

    4. Play nice. Healthy discussion is encouraged, petty arguments are not. All non-related arguments must be taken care of outside of the community. If there is a problem with a particular member, contact me via email (dmitchell1985 @ livejournal. com).

    5. Stay somewhat on topic. Discussion about the latest episode is fine, as long as it incorporates the Omi/Chase scenes.

    6. Have fun! I don't ask for much, except that we all get along and enjoy our fandom together.

Community Notes: This community has a sister community, chase_jack. You can head over there to talk about the dynamics of the Jack Spicer/Chase Young relationship. It doesn't have to be sexual, but your thoughts, stories, and artwork won't be turned away if they are.

You can find a general guide to HTML and a few basic LJ Codes here.

If you want a Xiaolin rating/stamp, visit xiaolinrating. If you want to discuss the show in general, visit xiaolinshowdown

tamerterra was nice enough to let me know TorrentSpy has Season Two's episodes. Thanks for the tip! *hands you a muffin and a Chase Young clone*

The spoiler warning is set at the middle of Season Three.

Happy posting!

Your mod,


(dmitchell1985 and dm1985_photos)

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